Only for memorial Day, you can get this beautiful Grand Marquis at for only $0.00 Down

Only for memorial Day, you can get this beautiful Grand Marquis at for only $0.00 Down , Oh yes , we are going crazy down here in, all you need is to qualify for this vehicle and you will get it with no Down payment, only for Memorial day, so stop the BBQ, for 30 minutes and come and get your vehicle now.


It is so cool that a car like this still exists. While just about every other American manufacturer has run screaming from our past, the Grand Marquis embraces it with a big V8 under the hood and two rear wheels doing the pushing.

Despite this all-but-extinct layout, the Grand Marquis offers some very high-tech options like ABS and traction control. It also comes standard with dual front airbags, rear-door child safety locks, and dynamic side impact protection.

Last year's refinements included a much needed improvement to the standard, solid axle rear suspension. The new Watt's linkage rear suspension reduces lateral movement during handling maneuvers to improve the Grand Marquis' directional control. A revised front suspension further contributed to this Mercury's handling capabilities.

Power comes from a 4.6-liter V8 (the same as in the Mustang GT) with 200 horsepower and 275 lb.-ft. of torque. These numbers can be upped to 215 and 285, respectively, by ordering the Handling Package option that includes dual exhaust, a higher rear axle ratio, 16-inch aluminum wheels, and numerous suspension tweaks like revised spring rates and a larger rear stabilizer bar.

If you're after luxury and not performance, options like automatic temperature control, auto dimming rear view mirror, and premium AM/FM stereo with trunk-mounted CD changer can be ordered separately or as part of a luxury package.

The shape of this car contributes to its rather brick-like coefficient of drag (.37) and at 17 mpg in the city it's certainly no econobox. With Mercury constantly improving this traditional model, the company has managed to bring together something old and something new. A V8, rear-drive sedan with traction control and ABS is something most American automakers abandoned long ago. If nothing else, Mercury gets credit for going its own route and not playing follow-the-leader.


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