wants to help you

We believe in a better tomorrow and with that we expect the best from our customers, when you acquire a vehicle at you are getting a whole package of benefits that will provide you with the tools to have a better tomorrow ! is a life style, we are not just another company in the market, we really believe in our product and our people....

Let's put it this way, we are like an emergency room, as soon as you visit one of our locations we start healing the bad credit or just start helping you rebuilding credit. We are not the only one on the market and we understand that, but we do know something, we have helped over 8,000 customers and we will not stop until we have made a change in the community, we strongly believe that a community that knows and understand their credit is a more efficient and proud community. In the united states of america is almost a requirement to be successful or simply to buy a house.

I will give you an example, Mr. "P" visits our lot in 2009 with a credit in between 423 and 495 , Mr. "P" had a repossession in the past along with several negative accounts, reality is that when he visit our location he stated that he went to 19 different dealerships and the answer was always the same, so he stopped at as his last resource, we did a credit application and with $300.00 that he had as a down payment he was able to drive back home the same day, now 1 year and 9 months later he received a letter from our sister company, he visited the location in norristown PA and he found out that his credit went up to 671 ( his face was priceless ) , now Mr. "P" is driving a 2009 Chevrolet Impala and is in the process of buying a house !!!! We are so proud of you Mr. "P" ........

You can be a Mr. "P" too, all you need to do is to visit one of our lots in conshohocken PA and Langhorne PA and we will do the rest. Please do not hesitate in making a change on your life, this is your chance and we are here to make it happen!!!!!


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